A Word nerd's Tumblr dedicated to words he thinks should exist

                          Hilarrifying - When something is both hilarious and terrifying. 

                                                       Fedo - A female Pedophile

                                 Ahngwe - Getting angry at someone for getting angry

                                Sneeze-up - A party for underground sneeze fetishists

Exobradyperpation - When you’re walking down the street on your way home only to crawl to a stop as never-ending waves of tourists block your way, every one of them traveling at sub-2mph speeds.

Lonerd - The moment that the hot girl leaves your train without giving you a glancing look as she leaves and you die a little inside.

                                                      Twunt - A swear that’s not a swear

             Inviction - The feeling of guilt for doing something, even if you didn’t do it

                           Penvy - The feeling of avarice for someone else’s stationary.

                                      Snick -  The sick feeling that you are getting sick.